Declutter: Project 333


It’s birthday month, so I decided to do more than Konmarie the wardrobe, every corner of the house and my bookshelf. I given away to my helper many bags of clothes, bags, shoes some new, some old, some never worn. Books that I’ve read and for years never touched again, I donated to the Macau library.

I am still culling, I get the occasional itch to do some online shopping, and every time, I get the urge, I work at revising my stuff again. I’m one week into this and it’s actually faster and easier to get dressed heading out with limited choices and I am forced to be creative with mix and match of all my favourite clothes (which you can see is alot of prints!).

The green off shoulder mix wool-cotton sweater above is 11 years old. It just occurred to me that I was wearing it often since 2005 when I was living in Italy (and wore it through Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau winters). The elasticity is kind of worn out now but I still love it and plan to wear it to death.

Well, it seems there are still things to cull. I am mindfully trying to live the life of fewer, better purchases and well try harder at leading a more simple, sustainable life. More physical baggage = more psychological and emotional baggage.

I have an amazing husband that spoils me with more gifts than I can wear/carry and I am grateful. I also have his support for less is more and we are working on that. This year’s Valentine’s day and birthday for a start – no gifts! Lots more quality time and getting over the hurdle of too much stuff.

I often feel like such a hypocrite sharing on my Facebook newsfeed about raising issues on child labour, sustainability, but not doing enough about it when I have the choice and ability to implement small changes to my own habits of consumption.

Since discovering KonMarie, I finally found the courage to discard items that have holes in them, chaffed and super worn out. My helper is puzzled by the madness and cannot understand the declutter crusade, but she is finally on board – afterall that means brand new clothes, bags and shoes for her two daughters back home. :)

So here’s Project 333 “be more with less”. Using only 33 items over 3 months, I will cheat a little as I have still fabric sitting in my wardrobe and will probably head to the tailor soon. And accessories and colour sparks alot of joy, so I am unable to stick with a few. In this case, I need that spice of variety in my life.

Anyone else up for the challenge? My good friend crafty academic with 4 toddlers (Super Mum to triplets!) inspired me to start on this. Since becoming a mum she’s been mercilessly decluttering for a safe and super child friendly home with plenty of play areas.

** I am loving the new Wanderlust font I bought last week and testing them out on images. What do you think?

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