Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

art basel hong kong 2016

The turnout this year was way larger than previous years from my recollection. The lines for tickets purchase were long and the halls packed. I wish I had more time to spend over the week, but I was on a few conference calls while at the exhibition. Still grateful to have made it to Hong Kong to see old friends who flew in for Art Basel.

You’ve probably read various sources and reviews, so this blog post isn’t about that. It seems that the art world purchases hasn’t seen the big slump as predicted. While the works shown this year were more understated, they were still brilliantly curated and my gallerist friend reported comparable sales to last year and not as dismal as the market made it out to be.

Here are some of my favourites that made me smile and giggle.

Australian artist Patricia Piccinini and her series of art pieces that challenges the science in today’s world on genetic modification, cloning etc, and here we have a cute human hedgehog in a cow udders cocoon?? hybrid.


Who doesn’t love a wall of giant jeans.IMG_9497

multiple mirror clocks, reminds me of that moment in the movie – The Fly where you have peripheral vision with multiple eyes.IMG_9526

Tom Wassermann’s piecestom wesselmann

blue nude

China artist Wang Huaiqing’s Emperor pieces. Would love this pair in my living room.emperor wang huaiqing


Bringing out the beauty in simple humble crystal glasses IMG_9495

Always loved Tony Oursler’s workIMG_9537

Took a closer look at this 9000+ buddhas, everyone was wielding their giant DSLR about, but I don’t think anyone saw the smiley sticker.


Stunning pieces by South Korean artist Kyungah Ham – can you believe this is made of textiles? A wonderful tapestry woven together

Kyungah HamJPG  IMG_9521
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