Reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

donna tartt

Another one of Donna Tartt’s brilliant reads. I’ve now read all of her three novels – all with very different plots and equally thrilling. I can’t wait for her 4th novel.

Over a decade ago I read The Little Friend, then The GoldFinch two years ago and picked this up at the library last month – one of those books you simply can’t put down. This one involved kids, a cultish obsession with Greek mythology and murders. So good.

Another great fiction book from the Macau Taipa library. It is difficult to navigate because unlike most libraries around the world, I still can’t figure out the system of filing, it’s not in numbers nor alphabetical order nor by genre.

Probably just another Macau un-systematic apathetic librarian at work. Pity about the bad filing system but spend a little time and you will find all these great gems to read.

Happy reading! Appreciate any heads up on novels to read in the same genre.

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