Reading: Where’d you go Bernadette?


I judged Where did you go Bernedetteby its cover and thought it’d be a fun read – it’s exactly that, light and simple language with a plot brewing. The format is great given that Semple was a TV writer for years and she chose this letter writing correspondence to reveal the plot that kept you in suspense and guessing from all sides.

I’m reading alot more these days and trying to manage a book a week, back into the old bedtime habit of reading before sleep – which is another way to keep me off illuminated screens at bed time.

It is told through the perspective of Bernadette’s daughter. Although I have never been to Seattle, I only know it rains alot and the weather is dreary, but I could most certainly relate to Bernadette’s lost sense of self and displacement in a place she could barely found things to love about.

Then the trip to Antartica Bernadette was dreading, then it all comes full circle where she finds her sense of self and creativity again.

And the environment and the other mums she calls “gnats”. All in all, a funny, light read. Loved it.

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