Reading: The boy who could see demons

the boy who could see demons book

See demons? I picked this up by chance at the library and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it gave such a real insight into schizophrenia, I was sitting tight swaying between ghost, demons and everything spiritual and the science and evidence of schizophrenia – so powerfully real.

I cannot imagine how stressful and emotionally demanding it is for family members to care for a loved one with the illness and the constant worry about leaving them unattended.

I am not familiar with the best selling author¬†Carolyn Jess-Cooke, but will be checking out the rest of her books. One of the reviews described it as something in the vein of Mark Haddon’s “The Curious incident of the dog” which I really enjoyed and read over a decade ago.

The writing style is fluid and simple, with the sort of keen childlike wonder observations of people and things.

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