Reading: Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern time of my life book

I stayed up all night reading Time of my Life. It’s one of those chick lit books that keep flowing in a simple and easy narrative like your friend’s talking and it’s got all the juicy bits, so you can’t put the book down.

I’m not familiar with her works, but everyone’s probably heard of “PS I love you“, one of Cecelia Ahern’s earlier novels and a movie adaptation was made. I did watch it maybe a decade ago, but have little recollection apart from it being sweet and sad.

Well, the narrative is interesting as you follow the protagonist on the stocktaking of her life and there is an odd character called “Life”, so her “Life” is personified and given a character to help unravel, guide and unfold with each choice she takes and the possibilities that Life has to offer.

I have plenty of super positive friends where life is a great surf, but I could relate to the protagonist’s life, and many others like me that have/had to learn how to “figure life out”, getting over self deprecation, self esteem issues and actually bravely LIVE.

Well, life is an on going journey and I’m definitely much happier than I was a decade ago, after plenty of self work, self care and therapy. And then there is taking the Universe’s lead and not obsessively worrying and trying to control everything. I’m also looking forward to have my own chapter of “Time of my life”.

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