Favourite SKillShare Classes For Continued Learning And Self Improvement

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(Dawn.. taken on our recent road trip across France)

Ever since I won the mailchimp scholarship for a premium membership on Skillshare, I’ve been taking many classes here and working hard on food photography and styling, doing all my homework with each class.

I had previously paid for a couple of classes on design and photography.


Here are some of my favourites if you’re looking to improve your Instagram, photography and food styling. It also encouraged me to cook and bake more so that I have props and subjects to style and shoot.

Above: Homemade tuna sweet corn pastry puffs.

1. All of Mariya Popandopulo’s classes are great and I’ve taken all 7 of them. She’ll be teaching a stop motion class soon and I can’t wait!  img_1828

Taiwanese breakfast, mee sua (vermicelli in a starchy gravy served with white pepper, vinegar and corriander)


Above: Homemade quiche, slightly burnt, but tasted good!

Here’s some of my homework samples on light, shadows, movements and composition :)



Above: Tomatoes and raspberries from my in-laws garden in France

2. Instagram continues to evolve quickly and regularly like all social channels and it’s hard to figure out engagement and fan numbers.

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Accounts like mine are not specific themed like food only or architecture or landscapes. The popular accounts with a lot of fans then to be very specific as multi themed subjects don’t always appeal to everyone.

I started my instagram for fun as my personal creative outlet before I got featured as a user and suddenly numbers got competitive. My blog has always been about “Food, Fun and life” and because I have multiple interests from food to art and architecture, my feed isn’t consistent.

I took a course by Anna Kay  on building a more consistent presence and it was helpful to streamline and create some sense of consistency despite multiple interesting subjects.


And there’s Twheat that I was following for a few years now. He used to live in Hong Kong and got spotted and then hired to join the Instagram team, so he went back to the US.

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His class offers great tips if you plan on monetising with Instagram.

Then some tips on Flatlays for Instagram also by Anna Kay.

Food photography for Instagram, a class by Adam Goldberg is also another fun one.

3. DSLR Food styling and photography  by Brit + Co for bloggers




4. My first class on skillshare before becoming a premium member was with Anne Ditmeyer on designing maps. I’m taking a couple of her InDesign courses at the moment.

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