Turning 36


I love how Google gives me the low-down on everything exciting and interesting that happened over the centuries on this date.

It’s been a hard couple of months and I haven’t felt ready to write about it as it still feels like I am living on a parallel universe trying to make sense of it all – it’s illuminating, alienating and lonely all at once, while I’m constantly evolving into this different new person.

More to come when I’ve found the right words and made more sense of things. It’s a little bit like trying to find my voice again like what blogging used to be for.

It’s a full 12 years Zodiac cycle and I feel like I’ve come somewhat full circle being back here in Singapore as I left 12 years ago with little intention of coming back for an extended period, but here I am back here confronting and unearthing all my childhood demons.

Checking all the boxes of older, wiser, mortality and morbidity. I’m not counting days and years anymore, instead practising mindfulness living in the moment. God knows what lies in the future, or even tomorrow for that matter.

So, I opened the door to this and my friends came over to surprise me for a birthday tea. Awesome day.

Will be updating with more cupcakes I am baking and styling later today with friends! x

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