Reading: China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan


China Rich Girlfriend is Kevin Kwan‘s sequel to Crazy Rich Asians had a plot that moved a little slowly and I had to take intermittent breaks to finish it, dragging my feet to the other cover. I’ve lived in Beijing for five years before the economic boom and can relate to the obscenely rich “tuhaos” although didn’t have the privilege of having them as personal friends. Ha!

I went to school with many of the old rich Singaporeans and Kwan even mentions my alma mater in this book, it is abit of a riddle exercise trying to figure out who’s who that isn’t hard to match on the social pages of Tatler magazine.


Now that I am done with China Rich Girlfriend, I’m curious about his latest book, the end of the triology “Rich people’s problems” that was just released this May.

Oh and as an aside, those Kim Choo Nonya rice dumplings from Joochiat are a great breakfast indulgence.

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