Reading: love in lower case

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This was a random book I pulled out from the library and a fun read. A short existential love story with a literature professor as the protagonist, referencing and alluding situations to all of my favourite authors and literary pieces during my angsty late teenage years and through university from Goethe’s Sorrows of Young Werther to Kafka’s Metamorphosis and The Castle.

I loved how the author explored linguistics differences in the language of love through key literary pieces. It also reminded me how colourful the long german words were to describe situations aptly. I suppose the Chinese have their idioms, but the Germans have their terms like “Die Vergangenheitsbewaltigung“, “torschlusspanik“, “Schadenfreude” that tickles my German friends because I use them in the exact context to sum up a situation and I don’t even speak German!

A fun, lighthearted read with interesting characters.


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