Photography Project Photo a day #1


I was inspired by the Digital photography blog post on first steps to improve your photography is to make the effort to take a photo a day and stock take with this 365 days photography.

Well, here’s day one. I think limiting oneself to a photo a day makes one more mindful of what moment to capture in the day. I didn’t cheat to take hundreds to upload the best one. So, this is what the sky looks like in the air after a big destructive typhoon a few days earlier.

The flight back to HK was delayed, but fortunately no turbulence with a storm brewing. Instead we were treated to gorgeous cloud porn and a sunset. It was care bears cloud kingdom meets an infinite horizon with cotton candy textured clouds and visual swirls of what you get when you add milk to a cup of black coffee.


Looking forward to next week’s photography class I signed up for.

Here are more attempts at practising photography.

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