Photography Project #22-#28


A different shot of these Masala tea. The tea however is more a tea latte than a masala chai.


I never noticed the little hoops for the melons to sit on in case they roll off the rack. IMG_2930

I haven’t figured out how to take sky shots where it doesn’t compromise the colours of the leaves and capture images as the eye sees. I am still working out shutter speed and aperture and hopefully by the end of the project I can see progress.IMG_2941

Likewise, I love how the sun shines and colours parts of buildings in densely populated Hong Kong island, but at the moment the photos don’t reflect the moment at all.IMG_2936

Everyone has that awkward tall friend. And this tall plant slouching out to the side reminds me of the beauty of how nature grows.


Light and shadows at golden hour at the Macau ferry terminal.IMG_2980


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