Photography Project #36-#42: Capturing Life A day At A time


This week’s photography project has lots of food photos as it’s been a little hectic and stressful this past week and I forgot to stop daily to look at the beauty in daily life. None of these photos have been retouched as I’d like to track the process and journey of evolving and getting to know my camera and light.

I am still learning how to take great photos of the sky and trees – not getting the blue skies in here.IMG_3154

I love how plants “piggy back” on each other  growing out of nowhere and everywhere in the eco system. If only mankind was that open about sharing too.IMG_3158

temple and palm trees. What a wonderful juxtaposition.IMG_3148

Smoked duck at Lucky house private kitchen.IMG_3100

Sichuan at Deng G Hong Kong. Still figuring out how to capture action without too much blurr.IMG_3073

The Hong Kong experience. Communal table sharing, loud chattering over average dimsum.IMG_3061

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