NYE Reflections: Goodbye 2017


IMG_3488Another year, another NYE, It’s been a year of lessons, but I stopped counting time. Instead, I try my best to live in the now. As we bid goodbye to 2017, I am looking forward to see what the new year will bring.

Next year is all about getting leaner in every way; the choices I make with food, less material things (although I have the best husband in the world whose key language of love is gifting), a tighter social circle, and spending more time offline doing the things I love – gardening, sewing, photography, watercolour calligraphy and writing.

The best memories are etched in mind, not captured and shared digitally. My foll0wers have been dipping  since I was a featured instagram user over 3 years ago. My work no longer depends on it – and I have nothing to prove.

I’ve moved on to big picture strategy, rather than pigeonhole myself in the ever changing fickle, superficial world of social media.

I’ve also finally grown out of the need for validation from strangers in the form of social media likes and comments. Really, who cares?

I still love taking photos and enjoy the curated feeds of food and travel, so I guess I’ll figure out along the way… to find a balance.

It’s been such a wonderful last quarter of 2017 after cancer. In addition to landing enjoyable, lucrative work projects, I loved spending quality time with family and friends since moving back to Hong Kong. And the joy and luxury of being able to travel again, to walk long distances and savour the complex flavours of food.

Goodbye and thank you 2017. I am bursting with gratefulness for this privileged beautiful life, sharing it with the best life partner one could ever ask for.

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