Art Month

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It’s the time of the year – Art Month! Hong Kong Art Central and Art Basel. I had fallen so far behind blogging and have just rejuvenated this space in 2019 – not bothered who’s reading or who ends up here but keeping up with a habit that always sparked joy. Don’t worry this year’s Art updates will come and I am just little over a year late. ha

Incidentally this year the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades exhibition is running at Tai Kwun this year March 23-31. Check it out.

PS Doesn’t the table above look like an MRI/Pet Scan machine?

Last year we went to Louis Vuitton’s Objet Nomad part of the Art Basel satellite events. I covered it briefly last year. 

IMG_1174 2

IMG_3338 2

Loved the lamps and an interesting variety of hanging chairs and sofas.

Andre Fu’s beautiful chair made for tete à tete conversations.IMG_6549 2  IMG_7029

Looking forward to spending time with old friends coming through for Art Basel this year.


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