M+ Museum Hong Kong Well Worth A Visit

We finally got round to visiting the M+ museum and absolutely loved it. The Sig Collection was a real joy to discover (more so than for my toddler). The scale and design of M+ Museum Hong Kong by Herzog & de Meuron is stunning and puts Hong Kong on the map with the global institutions and some of my favourite museums: Tate Modern in London, V&A Museum, Centre Pompidou in Paris and Louisana Art Museum in Copenhagen.

The best part of this is entry is still currently free (which one would usually pay something like 20€ for entry elsewhere in the world), you just have to make reservations for your ticket. They also have prams and wheelchairs available for free, incredibly thoughtful service. I’m not sure when they’d start charging for admission but I hope they keep the wheelchair and pram access on the house.

Asian Field by Antony Gormley – the sea of faces and figures each based on a unique individual reminded me of the terracotta warriors in Xi’an

The exhibitions give the audience so much to discover, take in, enjoy and ponder. Sig’s collection brought back fond memories in Beijing in the pre-Olympics / pre- Xi era, before 798 Art District became gentrified. The fun, dynamic, provocative and thoughtful works as Modern China was emerging and the interest in contemporary Chinese art started to explode.

Strategie en Chambre “Armchair strategy” by Wang Du based in Paris alluding to the Kosovo war and the Western European coverage of it
love this. Feng Guodong “River of Light”
Lin Tianmiao “braiding”
Wang Guanyi “Great Criticism: Chanel”
Zhang Huan “Family tree”

I’ve been a fan of Zhang Huan’s prolific work ever since I discovered him in Beijing and also Macao.

Some of my favourite list of Beijing galleries. I haven’t been back since late 2019, and given the pace of how quickly things change, I’m not sure if this will be up to date.

The famous Zhang Xiaogang “big family” picture that sold for US12.1 million
Wang Jin’s robe. I first discovered the artist at The Opposite House
beautiful intricate embroidery on silk – that’s a pomegranate fruit and pair of eyes!
Singaporean artist Hans Tan’s rendition of traditional Peranakan cookware
Chen Zhen’s round table
Brings back so many memories, my ex flatmate Sam worked on this pre-Olympics

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