Yumcha: * Michelin Spring Moon Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

It’s been many years since I’d been back to Spring Moon at Peninsula Hotel and was happy to revisit when my friend S decided on yumcha for her birthday.

This is a very belated, hence short post as my failing memory as a full-time mum also doesn’t afford me the luxury to take notes or draft longer posts. That said, if you haven’t tried Spring Moon, I definitely recommend it for Yumcha dimsum.

We had a lovely menu lined up for us and the dimsum is well worth their one Michelin star. The only dish that I didn’t enjoy was the lobster that was overcooked and rubbery, everything else was perfectly executed.

I didn’t realise that Chef Lam used to work with the husband in Macau when the group opened Studio City.

juicy, fatty charsiu
I am a Cantonese girl at heart and a robust soup always warms my soul. This dumpling fish maw soup hits the spot.

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