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This turned out really yum and not too sweet – I didn’t add any additional sugar, just a table spoon of honey and used a bunch of 6 ripe bananas instead of 4, hoping the natural sugars would make up for it. Chef said it wasn’t sweet at all, but was aromatic. It was perfect […]

This is a recipe from the Malay grandma of a my good friend R. Epok Epok is the malay name for curry puffs and they are sold in most hawker centres and mom and pop shops. My fillings turned out great and tasty,but I failed miserably at having a lovely crust. I also attempted to […]

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Here’s an adapted Buttermilk scones recipe from the BBC Cakes and Bake 101 recipe book.We made all 3 batches of them and they turned out pretty awesome! They didn’t taste as good the next day though, so I’ve upped the butter portion as well as the cheese and bacon – you can never have enough […]


The China Club is an exclusive recreational club for the elite who are given memberships by invitation only (or so I was told). Duncan, a fellow foodie and member of the prestigious club took me there for lunch one day and it was a very pleasant experience. The food was good, but not mind-blowing. I […]

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