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  Time flies by as you get older and it’s another year of feasting and cooking and eating. I’m heading home at the tail end of Chinese New Year and should probably be going home more often and helping my mum prepare for this and revelling in family recipes. I was never a red or […]

I’m still a little all over the place since moving to Macau, the cat arrived on Friday night and we’re making adjustments to the Macau pace of life. And fortunately for me, there’s been more than enough work lined up, which means I don’t have to worry about Macau housewivery and losing my focus or […]

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As I’m still learning through trials and tribulations what contests work for each demographic and the results it brings, this little simple idea grew our Sugar bar.deck.lounge fanpage by over 200 fans over two weeks on Facebook and 50+ on Weibo. Photo by Tommy Gu What? To promote the BBQ Sundays on the rooftop deck […]

Part of their instagram series, here’s a peek into my 16 hour days. I’m obsessed about Instagram and another wonderful thing is that it links directly onto Sina Weibo too, China’s equivalent of twitter. Read the piece here and check out all the cool instagram folks in Hong Kong while you’re at it. Follow me […]

I’m getting the hang of managing the many hats in both English and Chinese, generating interesting content. Given the time sensitivity of promotions and how content is key, here are three very average quality videos well edited by a film school student. Okay, I made him dance with the tandoori vegetables..