Here’s a fun concept by And So Forth Singapore, “If we Dream too Long” was a piece set in the 1960s by local writer Goh Poh Seng. We were treated to local food and eating while actors performed around us – very Brechtian, no fourth walls with us mingling with actors like we were all […]

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This is probably one of the best trips I’ve had in a long while with friends, as we get older – schedules get more challenging to for a get away together and weddings seem to be the only opportunity to meet these days! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun – […]


1. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman 2. Babette’s Feast 3. Mostly Martha 4. Big Night 5. Estomango – crazy film, love the twist in plot and won’t give it away. Highly recommend it 6. Tampopo – my all time favourite, film on ramen, how can u go wrong 7. 9 1/2 weeks – who could forget […]

This is a brilliant very cinematic documentary on the man behind 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, the coveted 10-seat Tokyo restaurant is possibly the most expensive place to get the world’s best sushi. The sushi master Jiro shows the art of sushi, but above all, values, hardwork, traditions and the passion that drives one tirelessly. […]

This Taiwanese classic is one of the greatest food movies and one I relate to closely: filial piety, obligations, the Asian family tradition of elaborate meals together. Mostly, I relate to the feelings of wanting to break free and get away, first from home, then Singapore. All of my childhood, I dreamt of leaving, ditching […]

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One of the most amazing food films ever made and one I recently re-watched . Babette cooks up a feast, from humble peasant meals to full blown French gastronomy. I thought only the Chinese ate turtles, but apparently it was something on French menus too in the 19th century. Based on a short story by […]

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This is a feel great film at all levels, more law of attraction kind of film filled with some cooking scenes, featuring Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and Gérard Depardieu. A little cheesy at the end, but it’s such a liberating feeling watching this film about living your dreams. Don’t worry and wait, just do […]

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Some great food scenes, but the protagonist was annoyingly quintessentially Yank. It reeked of Yankee doodlism and I’m so glad the noodle master gave that brat a hard time. I probably wouldn’t have had the discipline nor resilience to master noodle making. The classic Tampopo is a much better film if you’re looking for Ramen […]

This reminded me of one of my closest friends, who is Tunisian and during her 5-day wedding ceremony in Soussa, we ate and danced all day and night and the kitchen was always filled with women and the aroma of spices, cacophony of sounds from the chopping board to the sizzling pots and pans and […]

  Shortly after I launched Short Stays, a film project I commissioned three of some of China’s most talented young film directors to make films in-House, working with equally amazing Chinese photographers Madi and 223 to document the process. A month later, I introduced Suitcase Cinema, a film-making package. I lucked out getting 2 x […]

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