A group of heavyweight foodie friends from Hong Kong came to visit and wanted to eat all day for the 12 hours they were in Macau. I put together an itinerary and took them around a rented coach to stuff their faces for half a day. Because it was Chinese New Year holidays, quite a […]

My first collaboration with my food adventure partner in crime Heidi of Aromas y Sabores who’s kindly taken me under her wings to teach me the ropes of making food pictures look nice through styling, lighting and photography! (Images all courtesy of Heidi!) This Chinese New Year falls on Feb 10, the year of the water […]

Mise en place for sweet crêpes. My Mexican friend Heidi has inspired me with her food styling and photography and we recently got together to make and style crepes for La Chandeleur with my new cast iron Le Creuset crepe plate – I know, how indulgent! Ingredients: 1-3/4 cups/225 g buckwheat flour (also labelled sarasin […]

I’m still a little all over the place since moving to Macau, the cat arrived on Friday night and we’re making adjustments to the Macau pace of life. And fortunately for me, there’s been more than enough work lined up, which means I don’t have to worry about Macau housewivery and losing my focus or […]