Although the idea is completely fascinating, it is fit for Miss Havisham of the 21st century meets waiting for godot. Via Coco Perez

My poetic sweet memory of arriving in Pingyao at dawn: Train from Xian to Pingyao from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.


This piece breaks down the mysterious fun of Lewis Carrol’s novel. All we ever really discussed during my GCE ‘A’ levels English Lit ‘S’ paper days were whether Carrol was a paedophile and skimmed through the different characters in the book. I loved this interpretation of algebra and the different formulae involved with each character, […]

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Sa Dingding—the “Björk of the east”, and recipient of BBC3 World Music award Asia/Pacific 2008, got on stage to introduce her new album Harmony this evening at Reignwood theatre. After a false start with the mic failure and a 20 minute wait, the raucous fans welcomed her back on stage for round 2. I’m really […]

Found this Van Gogh’s starry night cake. For more awesome cakes, check out this flickr set

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Last week temperatures dipped to an all time low, at -15ºC and of course no taxis are ever in sight when you need them by night. All you can really do is muster up the most vivid memories of your entire lifetime of campfires you’ve experienced and think warm while the howling wind threatens to […]

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