One of my favourite cuisines is Thai food – always fresh, sweet, tart and savory at the same time, throw in the fresh chillies and it’s a real party in the mouth. Plus, the ingredients involve lots of fresh vegetables to balance out the coconut milk heavy gravy. And of course we all know that […]

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I’m not one for baking as I don’t do measurements very well while cooking since it’s always an intuitive and emotional exercise in the kitchen I grew up in. I was quite surprised how easy and quick it was to make an apple tart… but probably would never attempt this myself. My father in law […]

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This turned out really yum and not too sweet – I didn’t add any additional sugar, just a table spoon of honey and used a bunch of 6 ripe bananas instead of 4, hoping the natural sugars would make up for it. Chef said it wasn’t sweet at all, but was aromatic. It was perfect […]

A crossfit fanatic friend who’s really good with her Paleo diet and recipes shared this incredibly simple paleo and gluten free naan recipe with me via My Heartbeets – just THREE simple ingredients! You’ll need almond flour, tapioca flour and coconut milk. Spend some time on her blog as she’s also got amazing curry recipes […]

I’m lucky enough to be back home in the gourmet arms of my mother, delicious smells brewing out of our open air kitchen at the back of our house every morning. Here’s a collaboration with my friend Heidi @ Aromasnsabores. I cooked, she styled and shot! The Nonya laksa is one of the popular dishes […]

One of my Christmas gifts last year was this great cookbook – The Intolerant Gourmet by Pippa Kendrick after a series of blood tests that confirmed gluten sensitivities and a range of other things *sob. So, I’ve started 2014 on a good note eating healthier between doses of champagne and gluten over New Year’s and […]

  It’s the must-have during Chinese New Year in the South. Lo Bak Gou in Cantonese and Mandarin Luo bo Gao 萝卜糕 translates to carrot cake, but it’s made with radish/turnip. The Chinese name for the turnip is white carrot. Gou means cake 糕 and is the homophone for tall in Mandarin. During Chinese New Year, the […]

What else do we do in the heart of Provence where black truffles are in full season and we’re eating with a bunch of international celebrity Michelin starred chefs? They cook, we eat, we discuss what and how to eat next, and we eat again – all this whilst drinking great wines and eating more […]

This is a recipe from the Malay grandma of a my good friend R. Epok Epok is the malay name for curry puffs and they are sold in most hawker centres and mom and pop shops. My fillings turned out great and tasty,but I failed miserably at having a lovely crust. I also attempted to […]

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One of the joys of going back to France for the Summer is buying and cooking amazing produce a fraction of the price in our Asian supermarkets. I’m also very fortunate to be eating noble products professionally cooked at home, but this is usually a treat and not expected of daily meals! We went out […]

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