So, one of the next best thing living in Macao is that we’re just 30 minutes from the border of Zhuhai and about 20 mins to this wonderful furniture wood village in 中山, Zhongshan that sells everything at wholesale cost price made for export and distribution. It’s kind of like a household wonderland with more […]

The latest hipster spot in town, the Police Married Quarters turned creative hub is filled with so many wonderful things you’ll leave with an empty pocket. I’m biased and a big fan of my friend Arnault’s Kapok – which has most recently become an empire – having expanded into Taipei and Singapore too, from his […]

Chef used to live here and absolutely love it – I think it’s a little bit of that French colonialism hangover apart from the amazing fruits, nuts and produce you can find here. The weather is always gloriously sunny – although it rained for 3 days when we were there in January! So here’s from […]

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Marrakech is one of those magical places you read about in novels full of Arabian mystery and that sense of poetic chaos in the city is that exact same experience as you’re assaulted by lots of colours, sounds and haggling shop keepers. But it’s wonderful. Shopping? You’re spoilt for choice, it’s overwhelming! The medina is […]

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One of the best things about Macau is it hasn’t been cleaned up and gentrified like many cities. The old locals are still grumpy as hell, there are random little flea markets and really old shops that have collected dust for decades filled with Macau vintage treasures from bowls to posters and 1800s postcard to […]

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If you’re planning weekend in Macau next weekend – take some time to suss out creative wares from local designers (Macau and Hong Kong) at the Art Fair 2014 @ 5 Outuburo Street. A talented local designer friend is selling her wares. Check out her Facebook page to get an idea of her works.

This little gem of a store is located on a quiet street in inner harbour, close to the Ah Mah temple. It’s slim pickings when you live in Macau, there are few places to go to for gift shopping or just to have a look on what’s trending at the moment. Unlike fab design stores […]

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