There are so many food blogs out there with plenty of lists on what to eat in Macau, and here’s my own humble list from a year of weekends spent in the sleepy casino country. I spend most of my time wandering around Taipa as we live on that side of town, so it’s […]

At 1949 Noodle Loft. There are hundreds of thousands of noodle places all over Beijing, hole-in-the-wall places, stalls in dingey alleys and then the accessible expat haunt places. I’ve been too all types and have been ill repeatedly many times, so I’m going to recommend my favourite places that have had me returning. Noodle Bar […]

On the topic of hotpot, I wanted to share my top 5. The mushroom base broth is my favourite at Haidilao. Haidilao From the moment you step in to being led to your table, you’re well taken care of. Service is friendly and the waiting area comprises a manicure station, game corner and free flow […]

To be fair, with dimsum, I’ve had my share of very bad ones and good ones, and when I found a good dim sum place that didn’t give me food poisoning, I tended to stick with it. Lei Garden still tops my list. This one in order of my best picks—again open to discussion! Lei […]

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