Zhang Huan for the Dior exhibition @ the UCCA 2009. Visits back to Beijing in the last two years have always been work related and never enough time to catch up with old friends and visit favourite old places. He An’s neon signs exhibition @ UCCA. I didn’t ever blog about lists of my favourite […]

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Sui Jianguo’s solo show features some 30 works dating from 1987 to present. One of China’s most important contemporary Chinese artist, Sui praised by Chinese art critics as “A pioneer venturing to the farthest reaches of Chinese sculpture.” Working with a whole range of materials from bronze, steel, fiberglass to plastic Sui continues an indepth […]

The highlight of my weekend was Erwin Wurm‘s Narrow Mist, a very narrow house filled with all the everyday stuff, only a small fraction of their usual width. Surely, a claustrophobe’s nightmare. check out the narrow stove! Boxy figures, juxtaposed against narrow house next door. And my favourite little random piece that is more interactive […]