I’m still a little all over the place since moving to Macau, the cat arrived on Friday night and we’re making adjustments to the Macau pace of life. And fortunately for me, there’s been more than enough work lined up, which means I don’t have to worry about Macau housewivery and losing my focus or […]

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LOVE LOVE LOVE This!!! I wish Smudge would grow some thumbs so she can help with the housework and also do abit of sewing here and there, loose buttons and what not! Unfortunately, she only has claws for hair ties. JG6D5V3JCTSW

I met up with the legendary photographer on a daily basis during his stay in Beijing to talk to him about photography, porn, nature and Michael Jackson as the new generation prophet. He was incidentally also a big fan of Colors Magazine that I had the privilege of working on. It was endearing the way […]