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This is a way overdue entry sometime in March when I was in Bangkok on a short CX deal weekend getaway. It was actually my first time in Bangkok’s Yaowarat Chinatown and my Thai friends took us out to their favourite Chinese joints, from the best char kueh teow roadside stall to an eatery in […]

A long overdue entry that deserves more attention than I’ve had time to give it. It’s been the usual, more work than I can possibly handle, not enough sleep and so many interesting people to meet and cool projects to do. One of my best friends, Prima, Thai ice cream designer of Icedea has two […]

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Star Struck in the China’s Culinary Landscape Interview with Claudio Sadler Claudio Sadler is a two starred Michelin chef from Milan who started his culinary training when he was 15 years old. He currently runs 3 restaurants and a catering service in Italy and recently closed his restaurant in Tokyo last year. He is best […]

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