I’ve walked and driven by Fat Lulu’s many times and always thought what a cute name. I didn’t know what the menu was like – BBQ with an Asian twist, and was pleasantly surprised by the modest and simple menu with specials written on their chalk board. Some days, I come here just for the […]

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Months ago, I got roped into this lovely group of chefs, authors and big time foodies started by fellow Singaporean and author Cheryl Tan. July’s theme is BBQ and we’re just getting ready to do some on our roof terrace in a couple of weeks. Some photos from last year-typical Asian style with fishcakes stuffed […]

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Haven’t had much time or energy to catch up with the blog as I’ve been overwhelmed by work, and am so exhausted when I get home, I can’t bear looking at another illuminated screen to update my own social channels. boo. The weather has cooled down and it’s been great for rooftop BBQs. I’ve done […]

Now that Summer is here, we’ve been finding excuses to have BBQs despite the thunderstorm and typhoon warnings, we had lots of luck with decent weather. The best thing about going to a BBQ organised by a fine dining (starred) chef is that 90% of the guests are also chefs, sommeliers or some expert in […]

I’m getting into the swing of discovering Macau and despite my ennui when chef’s hard at work. I’ve made lists of to-dos which keep increasing, and am aiming to get to know Macau inside out. In fact, it’s such a luxury to have a weekend retreat in Macau to go discovering and spend time writing, […]