I’m cheating a little again, so I’m cross posting blog content I do for You’d be much better here, given the considerable time and effort that goes into it, it always deserves an extra plug or two! Yvonne is one of my favourite people I work with, super knowledgeable, patient, always ever so obliging with […]


I’m off to Beijing for a couple of days and probably won’t have time to blog till I’m back. Too many things to do and see, friends to catch up with and the insane workload that is mounting. I didn’t think I would say this, but I really miss Beijing and my handful of great […]

Several strangers have emailed me on my thoughts on Beijing’s best duck, and I realised I never put up an entry on this, so I’m going to slowly post my lists of favourite eats in Beijing, some I miss dearly. For ducks, whatever you do, do NOT go to Quanjude, you’d be served greasy sub-quality […]

Finally time to catch up on RSS feeds and overdue blog entries. I am unashamed of being a geek. Here’s this week’s canteen diary entries. Great eggplant dish alongside greens (note: no Sichuan pepper in this) and fish fillets. Overall satisfaction: 5/10 After recovering from a bout of food poisoning, I found this very edible […]


I feel bad that I’ve slightly abandoned the blog as I have been obsessed with 微博, the Chinese version of twitter and then tumblr which is so much more exciting for the short attention span folks like me. Every other second there are cool new things to check out and look at, and this blog […]

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Kuki is a cozy spot with a fresh selection of sushi on the menu and the conveyor belt in front of you. Run by former staff of the China World Hotel, it serves quality dishes at modest prices with friendly and attentive service. We recommend ordering a la carte and picking plates off the conveyor […]

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We laid down our chopsticks with regret. The steaming pot of spicy sour soup was just about half eaten and we’d already had our fill. My fellow Singaporean friend and I were here on a cold winter night digging into authentic Guizhou flavors. Private Kitchen 44 is a quiet little spot in a hutong, a […]