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I was never big on celebrations or birthdays, and have been mindfully working on celebrating the little joys every day with gratitude. There’s a great book “Joy on Demand” by training the conscious mind to recognise these little moments. I don’t want to make a whole song and dance about the whole thing, so I’ve […]

I was already feeling awesome in my late 20s where I had more direction in life and things somehow fell into place more easily without angsty battles—possibly because I got better at managing myself, people and situations. Also, working with amazing bosses and colleagues completely turned things around. After years of stumbling through my entire […]


and a step closer to the Italian dream… speaking of which I have to start the leg work of that complicated Masters application (they take in only 25 a year, eeeeep!) and keep the toxic realists away as they try to burst my bubble with practical advice. And the sweetest thing is having my Chinese […]


An Italian friend tried to explain this to me because I was skeptical about smelling food in my mouth. And a google search tells me that it’s a common in wine tastings and smoking, which made it perfectly easy to understand. However, this only occurs when you have mind-blowingly good food. Image via Stogiefresh I […]