Work bias aside, Four Seasons George V Paris really sets the bar high – stunning grandoise space with the old school Parisian wonder, impeccable floral arrangements – they’ve even got an Artistic Director in-house, Jeff Leatham whose reputation precedes him – the genius behind the flowers. The food – simple and luxurious, noble products in […]

I ate alot this year, from Michelin starred restaurants, private kitchens, house parties, hawker centres to da pai dongs… there were some bad meals, alot of average meals, but so very few excellent ones. Here’s my top 10 and most memorable meals of 2011 in no particular order. 1. Local pork chop noodles in Macau, […]

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I had possibly the best and most memorable dinners in Hong Kong this year. Kudos to V, the captain of the foodies club who organised this private dinner. I’ve been to Makoto twice in Beijing, in hindsight, the eponymous restaurant was a failure because of poor management and nothing to do with the excellent skills […]

My first 3* experience and actually the lightest of all the starred meals we enjoyed this summer. Passédat is in a league of his own with his simple, pristine Meditteranean cuisine. The signature bouillabaisse came in many courses, each better than the next, every course happy creatures of the sea distilled in a dish in […]