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I wasn’t sure what to expect with the book and picked it up out of curiosity because of it’s interesting title. It’s a hilarious light hearted read where an editor of a publishing house (for food books no less) goes on a roadtrip with a Rinpoche orchestrated by his hippie new age sister, after their parents […]

Kith Café was giving out free coffees in the neighbourhood on opening day (today) which looked like a good idea drawing in the crowd – but I think most people stopped by for free coffee only without ordering anything else. We went for a carrot cake and the giant chocolate banana cake – both were freshly […]

Just your neighbourhood boulangerie and where locals go to for breakfast. The husband spent many a breakfast here with his mum in the 16eme where she used to work. While the humble Bechu doesn’t get the same type of hoo-aha like Du Pain et des Idées or Poliane that makes it to everyone’s boulangerie eat list, it […]

This local dim sum dive is where grandmas and grandpas come for breakfast, lunch and tea at shared tables. In the early mornings before 6am,  you’ll also see plenty of construction workers, taxi and bus drivers (from the nearby Shun Tak bus terminus) having breakfast before their morning shift. I stumbled upon this wonderful hole […]

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I got three out of five right. I think I’ll do better if there was an Asian breakfast round. Photographer Oliver Schwarzwald looks at “typical breakfasts around the world”, surely not quite, where is the century egg congee and dough sticks, fried bee hoon or fried carrot cake with black sweet sauce (char dao kueh) […]

All I did was pretty much eat and drink and eat again in HK. I was disappointed about not getting a table at 2 starred Amber to investigate and try the “chicken with blue legs wrapped in a towel” —the most expensive chicken in the world by way of Brest (poularde de bresse) listed as […]