While the weather was dreary and cold in the peak of summer at the end of July, the galettes and crepes were amazing as was the seafood we couldn’t get enough of. The husband organised a behind the scenes fisherman tour so we could see the boats’ daily haul coming in and how they sort […]

Despite the cold and dreary weather in Brittany, we trudged out to Port Guilvinec to watch the ships come in with their daily catch and met the fishermen who sorted the fish before it gets organised for export – making it out here in Asia to the Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. […]

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The fair was interesting and a little strange—organic produce meets, MSG-filled Chinese noodles, meets instant packets of all sorts of food flavourings for specific Chinese dishes. Then there was a basket of oversized bread as large as bolsters waiting to be held, courtesy of Agrilandia, an Italian owned organic farm in the suburbs. Delicious bowl […]