Teriyaki Chicken special that taste like oyster sauce chicken, some cauliflower + carrots and mutant chicken chunks, ice tea and a mandarin orange. Overall satisfaction: 5/10 Mao-style braised pork belly (毛式红烧肉, side of greens and tofu. Overall Satisfaction: 5/10 Gongbao chicken without the spice but lots of peanuts for texture, side of greens and kaofu […]

The food has been pretty good of late. Maybe the catering company is also preparing for their annual appraisal review for next year’s contract. We had 炒饼 (rice flour noodles sliced thinly and fried) the other day at lunch with greasy chicken skewers with some cartilage for a nice crunch. Stir fry of mixed vegetables […]

I can’t wait to present my canteen diary project to those in charge when it comes to renewing the contract and proposing what we’d like to see more on the menu. The chicken fillets of late have been squiggy and I haven’t eaten much of it for fear of what they’ve been fed and injected […]

Today’s canteen meal was a real bonus and I had to blog about it with immediacy (well not quite the VPN malfunctioned yesterday)! We had curry rice for the first time and it tasted okay, like those you find on the menu in pseudo Chinese restaurants in Europe. It’s usually called Singapore/Malaysian curry fried rice, […]

September 14 2010 is a special day to remember because all the dishes and matching variety were different on that day. It was my first time we had braised caramelised pork, which was delicious. I opted for a side of minced meat balls cooked with winter melon soup and glass noodles and a side of […]

So, I’m far behind my canteen diary, I’m investing alot of my time in reading these days. Management books (I feel so adult), some fiction and most recently tons of PR media reports and checking the Italian dictionary to maximise the opportunity to study Italian. Never felt more inadequate after being shouted at by a […]

I’m far behind my canteen diary project, and am just having a breather back home in the pore stuffing my face and going through loads of photos, editing them and catching up with my blog. I forgot how fast and free the internet is in the real world. I didn’t realise I ate at the […]

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Something new and rather delicious, a not so boney chicken dish cooked with soy sauce lots of cumin (yum!), ground black pepper, onions and some sugar garnished with coriander. Side dish of tofu was sour and it seems not fermented but the cooking method just didn’t bring the best out of those spongy wet bean […]

I finished up lunch in 15 minutes as it wasn’t anything particularly fun to linger over. I also tend to eat lunches alone alot—the only time of recovery when you’re not harassed by telephone calls and assaulted by emails (although I confess I sometimes answer my mobile with my mouth full since calls come at […]

Lunch this week was something different and got me a little excited prematurely, because the meatballs in the claypot were really just minced fat and probably all the unwanted pork bits you can think of put together, without any seasoning. The winter melon and glass noodles in the MSG soup were the only redeeming factor. […]

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