This is a long overdue post but definitely one of the under rated Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. Great dimsum, the perfect roast suckling pig and one of my favourite fish soups that reminded me of Singapore’s fish head bee hoon – with the evaporated milk added to thicken and flavour the soup, but there […]

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The restaurant most recently scored 1 Michelin star in the 2014 guide, which I’m not sure if it’s worthy to join the stellar ranks, but since hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Tim Ho Wan or the whole chain of Lei Gardens have one star too… it’s hard to comprehend the Hong Kong & Macau Guide ratings, as […]

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Portas Do Sol in Hotel Lisboa means “Gateway to the Sun” in Portuguese but has nothing to do with sunshine or Portugal, serving up some of the city’s best dim sum and Chinese cuisine and very popular with the locals. First timers to the restaurant might get lost finding the restaurant bypassing the casino floor […]

I’m back on 4 hour sleeps a night, answering emails, fixing photos and personal blogging after tapering down recently to avoid burnout. The new site design is on its way with a new logo to boot. We had brunch here months back and ordered more than enough for two. While the service was excellent and […]


I have eaten alot of roast suckling pigs in my life, with every grandparent’s birthday, weddings and lavish company banquets. I have to say that this ranks as the top. It’s extra sinful as it’s stuffed with delicious glutinous rice! This place also does fantastic traditional Cantonese soups, not an ounce of MSG—the real deal. […]

To be fair, with dimsum, I’ve had my share of very bad ones and good ones, and when I found a good dim sum place that didn’t give me food poisoning, I tended to stick with it. Lei Garden still tops my list. This one in order of my best picks—again open to discussion! Lei […]

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My friends and I went to check out this new Cantonese restaurant a while ago—the same restaurant that serves crocodile meat in a post I made earlier. The menu here is as thick as a book and filled with very fancy items from assorted birds nests to turtles and shark’s fin. We ordered on a […]