Love the fortune cat wall of madness and their open kitchen upstairs. This was on my to-eat list for a while so glad we found a chance to get together for a birthday! The food is Chinese with modern twists. We went with the tradition dishes of half a roast goose – perfect. And kurobuta BBQ […]

So, I have been travelling a whole lot for work this year and grateful for the opportunities to be out of Macau. But that also meant I haven’t had time to do my Hong Kong sanity runs – since there was less need to be scrambling out to get on the ferry. Thankfully I always […]

The latest hipster spot in town, the Police Married Quarters turned creative hub is filled with so many wonderful things you’ll leave with an empty pocket. I’m biased and a big fan of my friend Arnault’s Kapok – which has most recently become an empire – having expanded into Taipei and Singapore too, from his […]

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The restaurant most recently scored 1 Michelin star in the 2014 guide, which I’m not sure if it’s worthy to join the stellar ranks, but since hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Tim Ho Wan or the whole chain of Lei Gardens have one star too… it’s hard to comprehend the Hong Kong & Macau Guide ratings, as […]

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Now that the hype is over and my blog post way too late, Chachawan is definitely still worth a post. The food here is simple, spicy and worth every calorie. The best spot in the house is definitely the bar where you can see the chefs work and treat yourself (and your long hair) to […]


Teakha was formerly one of Hong Kong’s best kept secret when they first opened more than 2 years ago when I was still living in Hong Kong – now it’s on everyone’s list from the Luxe guide to Hong Kong’s prominent food bloggers. Then sometime this year Po’s Atelier and Café Deadend came on the […]


  Hong Kong is home to some of the best BBQ roast meats in the region and Yat Lok is one of them serving some of the city’s best. The roast goose is their signature sell out (forget Yung Kee). You’ll find smokey, slightly charred, tender juicy goose thighs to go with rice noodles in […]

While the food here does no justice to gastronomic city Hong Kong, The China Club Hong Kong is still a one of a kind experience and fabulous place to take visitors. The art deco interiors, well curated art collection and wonderful ambience and service makes dining here a must. The lovely interiors are done up […]

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Uni made all the more exciting with panko (type of Japanese bread crumbs) and nori (seaweed), which gives the sweet creaminess some texture and layers, complementing the sea urchin’s richness. Too many blog posts to catch up on. I come here often enough but never got round to writing about it. Now that the hype […]

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2012 got off to a very gourmet start with two gourmet meals this month. Chef finally managed to get a table for me to try the legendary 8 1/2 with its newly crowned 3rd Michelin star. It’s full for lunch and dinner through till end of January and into Feb. I can see why this […]

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