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  I repurposed this story for Saveur that was killed for Macao Magazine. 

Photo: Cha Gordo at Christmas. Image courtesy of the Macanese Gastronomy Association.

Photo: Minchi and Tamarind pork dish at IFT Macau Last week November 1, Macanese cuisine was officially added to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy, joining the ranks of Chengdu and Shunde in China. The Macanese community has been tirelessly championing this to preserve their heritage and culture as Macanese cuisine […]

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  Here’s my piece in full length and the shortened version on Cha Gordo on the SCMP here. Chá-Gordo translates to “Fat Tea” from Portuguese and was a regular gourmand affair for big Macanese families to celebrate catholic holidays (carnevale, Easter and saints days), weddings, a baby’s Christening or birthdays. It has become a rare […]