I haven’t jumped on the keto bandwagon just yet, as most of my friends have and swear by the efficacy of the diet on weightloss. I love my carbs, so diet is a really difficult practice for me despite being pretty disciplined with everything else. Inspired by my friend Joan making all sorts of delicious […]

I’ve been very fortunate in my few weeks of living in HKG (the last 8 months didn’t count as I didn’t make any friends since I was perpetually in transit and not living my life for myself) I made a handful of new friends who share the same obsession for food and wine as me. […]

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It’s difficult to communicate how happy I am to discover this cheese. I have unknowingly been buying it in Jenny Lou’s and April Gourmet supermarkets, but on Tuesday, I met the man behind this fairtrade cheese farming, with good local cheese (of course it couldn’t compare with European types, but when in China, you adapt […]