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The Wynn Palace Macao threw a fabulous event and party for last night’s awards, the food and drinks poolside were a highlight: free-flowing Delamotte champagne, freshly grilled scallops, a wonderful risotto topped with uni, yakitori and sushi all done à la minute. It was fabulous. Here’s the list of 50 Best Restaurants in Asia: I’ve […]

Photo credit: Yan Palmer Erica is an amazing photographer now living in Shanghai with her two beautiful children and chef husband.   1. Well, could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a photographer, a nomad, a mother, a wife. I’m originally from Canada, but life has taken me around the world, through Asian […]

I’ve shifted gears the last couple of weeks, put in a fair amount of time into doing more of what I love and learning lots of new skills from figuring out coding to fix bugs on this blog to sewing and finally baking a kick ass pizza and flourless chocolate cake that the Michelin starred […]

Many people I know make marriage sound like a walk in the park, which of course most know isn’t the reality. However, with social media, you can be who you want to be or create the life online that you’d like, but that isn’t a reality. Recently, an Australian model Essena O’neill decided to flip that all […]

Constantly inspired by Jenn at Emulsified family and most recently a post by Shanndelier as the chef wives sorority share all these insider jokes on being married to a chef. There was a recent article that surfaced that is hopefully purely a joke and we shouldn’t really be doing it any more favours by directing traffic to […]

Jennifer at Emulsified Family does a great job of cheerleading other chef wives as well as sharing anecdotes and raising a family – quite often single handedly. I don’t yet have kids in the mix but with the conversation tabled, it gets me thinking about the dynamics of how relationships work in general and sharing […]