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Featured on BBC Fast track  Short Stays from Juliana Loh on Vimeo. See photography of the Making here Shortly after I launched Short Stays, a film project I commissioned three of some of China’s most talented young film directors to make films in-House, working with equally amazing Chinese photographers Madi and 223 to document the […]


So, one of the next best thing living in Macao is that we’re just 30 minutes from the border of Zhuhai and about 20 mins to this wonderful furniture wood village in 中山, Zhongshan that sells everything at wholesale cost price made for export and distribution. It’s kind of like a household wonderland with more […]

The last time I ate here at Migas Beijing, was when the restaurant first opened during the winter when I was still living in Beijing. Chef Aitor is doing amazing things here, working with lots of local produce and we got to taste what he was experimenting with. Good news is he’s also coming to […]

Just catching up on my last Beijing trip. My Singapore entries are still sitting in the pipeline, so please bear with me… as there are more delightful things on Paris coming up as well! I’m in Beijing at least twice a year to catch up on the scene there and clearly it’s never enough time […]

No longer a new spot in ever changing Beijing, Pho Laboratory is hidden in a row of run down little houses in Sanlitun. The 20-seater has beautifully simple, industrial chic interiors done up by their architect proprietor. The Vietnamese coffee hits the spot and the noodles – well isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s […]

    I’m not sure if there’s anywhere else in the world that has an entire beautiful I.M Pei designed museum space devoted with gifts over a handover of rule. Well, Macao has one filled with giant luxurious treasured gifts from the Chinese during the 1999 handover from the Portuguese rule to the Chinese. Entry […]

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Meet Smudge, my tuxedo cat. I’ve never had a cat my entire life and would never expect that fostering a cat I never saw for the first 3 months would lead to me adopting her and bring her across different countries – usually paying an arm and leg for the pet relocation. So Smudge is […]

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It’s been pretty frantic and hectic weeks at work as well as the travel front, so I’ve been lagging behind the blog, whilst trying to plan a wedding and do a million other things at the same time. Every month, I contribute to the Macau Closer magazine with my bite size food column. Here’s a […]

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Several of my friends owned sidecars in Beijing and I commuted several times in them, it’s fun, but my main and preferred transport remains the humble bicycle. We started with a stop at the local quarters and a little tour through the market, frogs and all on sale alongside noodle and dumpling makeshift stalls.   […]

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Two of my favourite buildings in Macau for cultural activities are the Macau Art Museum and the Macau Science Centre – both designed by architect I.M Pei, probably most known for Pyramide du Louvre in Paris to the layman. Both these beautifully designed spaces in Macau seem to be under publicised and somewhat under utilised with the […]

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