It’s been many years since I’d been back to Spring Moon at Peninsula Hotel and was happy to revisit when my friend S decided on yumcha for her birthday. This is a very belated, hence short post as my failing memory as a full-time mum also doesn’t afford me the luxury to take notes or […]

Chef Vicky is a dear friend and also a fantastic chef that knows the ins and outs of Chinese and French cooking. He’s my King of Soups. And we all know the hallmark of a good Cantonese soup is the rich but subtle flavours – the essence of all the best produce (fish maw, sea […]

My story for Culture Trip after the launch of Beijing’s first Michelin Guide with some of my old and new favourites. I also got to speak to Chinese food authority Fuchsia Dunlop who shed light on the rich offerings of Chinese cuisine. Following the Guide’s China launch in Shanghai and Guangzhou, Beijing’s first Michelin Guide […]

I am biased as I have to say that the decor at Wing Lei Palace is my favourite in Wynn Palace as it’s theme is green and gold, my favourite colour green so tastefully done, and peppered with tassels and art deco motifs. I was told however, there wasn’t any art deco inspiration behind the […]

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So, the new Hello Kitty restaurant in Hong Kong is the new rage globally and a big hit on social media, so how could I miss the opportunity to visit and write about it – and build more social equity around it? I am fortunate and grateful that I still have sporting gourmet friends who […]

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Portas Do Sol in Hotel Lisboa means “Gateway to the Sun” in Portuguese but has nothing to do with sunshine or Portugal, serving up some of the city’s best dim sum and Chinese cuisine and very popular with the locals. First timers to the restaurant might get lost finding the restaurant bypassing the casino floor […]


I have eaten alot of roast suckling pigs in my life, with every grandparent’s birthday, weddings and lavish company banquets. I have to say that this ranks as the top. It’s extra sinful as it’s stuffed with delicious glutinous rice! This place also does fantastic traditional Cantonese soups, not an ounce of MSG—the real deal. […]


The trend of organic produce has been steadily rising in China and the state leaders eat nothing but organic produce from farms all over the country. 40 Dongsi Liutiao brings to the laymen set menus of recipes that come from Master Cheng Ruming—the former chef of the late Mao. His grandson has taken over the […]

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Fuchsia Dunlop is one of the most interesting and perceptive food writer I’ve read. Known as “the best writer in the West.. on Chinese food”, she’s rightfully the authority on Chinese food for the English reading audience. She was in Beijing this week to introduce her latest book, Shark’s Fin & Sichuan Pepper and shared […]