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This story is behind a paid wall and the editor’s pick under premium content, so I’ve taken the liberty to publish it here as my blog has always been about making recommendations for travel. Apart from the casino shots, the photos inset are taken by me.

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St Paul’s Ruins is possibly one of the most recognisable monuments from Macao that adorn many postcards and where first time visitors to Macao go for their “been there, done that” shot for social media. The façade has seen many iterations since the 17th century – it was first a college, then a church and […]

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Revisiting the collection of three short films Short Stays 1 made by independent Chinese film makers in 2009/2010 the short films by Liu Jiayin, Peng Lei and Zhao Ye are now available to be viewed online after making their runs at International film festivals around the world. My ex Beijing flatmate Samantha Culp and I […]


1. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman 2. Babette’s Feast 3. Mostly Martha 4. Big Night 5. Estomango – crazy film, love the twist in plot and won’t give it away. Highly recommend it 6. Tampopo – my all time favourite, film on ramen, how can u go wrong 7. 9 1/2 weeks – who could forget […]