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Rounding up old and new favourites for a tipple or two and the usual suspects for a great brew. This post also ties up my collaboration with the Macao Tourism Board sharing my personal favourites on this sleepy backwater of Hong Kong, steeped in history and peppered with plenty of 16th century UNESCO monuments.  Macao […]

Kith Café was giving out free coffees in the neighbourhood on opening day (today) which looked like a good idea drawing in the crowd – but I think most people stopped by for free coffee only without ordering anything else. We went for a carrot cake and the giant chocolate banana cake – both were freshly […]

Checked this out last month shortly after they opened their new Star Street precinct brunch on Wing Fung St (same street as Saigon Garçon and Oohlala). Unlike most places in Macau that open at 11am-noon, Elephant Grounds opens at 8am, so you can have breakfast and get your morning brew before heading off to work. […]

This café isn’t so new on the scene anymore. I think they opened last year and has a wonderfully simple menu of Italian classics. They do an excellent job with the simple classics, pizzas, pastas, risotto with set lunches from 98MOP. The space is sparse but intimate with hanging lamps and wooden tables. Here’s the […]

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  For the SCMP’s 48h Macau issue, eat under 100HKD. Communal Table opened a year ago serving a simple and wholesome menu of pizzas, sandwiches and baked potatoes alongside specialty brews and cakes. Their philosophy says it all “The idea of Communal Table is simple: a table large enough to share your thoughts, ideas and happiness […]

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Lots of new posts on new adventures coming up. Just back from Hamburg and Berlin celebrating good friends civil partnership and one big fat Beijing reunion with old friends, really. I’m severely jetlagged and barely functioning. Thank god for caffeine. Went to a few cafés in Hamburg and all of them roast their own beans […]

Tiong Bahru has become a trendy hotspot these days – nothing like the area I visited growing up. My aunt and uncle, both teachers used to live in the neighbourhood and back in the days it was very much a blue collar worker kind of residence, nothing like the hipster vibe it gives out today. […]

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The Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market is on most traveller’s list and it’s exactly how it’s portrayed in documentaries and articles – one of the most quiet and orderly auctions I’ve been to. We crawled out of bed at 230am and made it to the queue at 3am, then got hoarded into a waiting room for […]

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Here’s the original piece I wrote for the SCMP Life section. The long version here: Hot on the heels of Hong Kong’s trendy cafés and speciality brews, Macau has an underground coffee culture scene that started taking shape the last two years.  While there was never a coffee appreciation culture to speak of, the cha […]


This is not exactly new, Communal Table Macau is the second outlet by über cool Keith, the same mastermind behind Single Origin. He’s raised the bar bring excellent coffee to Macau, in addition to leading a growing trendy café culture. It’s a different vibe here with it’s simple dark wood industrial chic interiors, a giant chalk board with […]

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