I have been practising for quite a few bakes now and have finally found the right footwork on baking a pizza in our very basic oven, well the husband calls it more than a grill than an oven with a maximum temperature of 230ºC, so we’ll never get the right consistency of a Napolitana style […]

One of my Christmas gifts last year was this great cookbook – The Intolerant Gourmet by Pippa Kendrick after a series of blood tests that confirmed gluten sensitivities and a range of other things *sob. So, I’ve started 2014 on a good note eating healthier between doses of champagne and gluten over New Year’s and […]

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Ikea is doing amazing things for its brand, from design led food photography to the brilliant guerrilla campaign by Mother London of releasing 100 cats into the London store by night to see how they ‘make themselves at home’. And now there’s this amazing cookbook! It’s a shame I can’t read Swedish and while the […]