A great reference chart if you’re experimenting with cooking. Pulled from thousands of recipes on the web and presented beautifully. via Information is Beautiful

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S suggested a risotto night under her supervision, so we made two risottos last saturday. One with speck, raddichio rosso (a tribute to my Trevigiani days) and red wine and the other, a strawberry risotto, one of the unique things that I took with me from my days of living in Italy. My Italian girlfriend […]

I’ve been very fortunate in my few weeks of living in HKG (the last 8 months didn’t count as I didn’t make any friends since I was perpetually in transit and not living my life for myself) I made a handful of new friends who share the same obsession for food and wine as me. […]


With the recent tragedy in Japan and hoax that salt is said to minimise the effects of radiation, people in Hong Kong and China went into a salt buying frenzy. I found that quite funny and never got round to buying any salt myself. Timely reading this great feature in the latest issue of Wallpaper* […]

I believe that anyone in my (post 80’s) generation who grew up on this side of the world would know Stephen Chow’s films inside out. My brothers and I used to stay up on Saturday nights for the 1030pm movie slot to watch films that range from the triad/police and thief type of films to […]


First day back at work and desperately trying to catch up with blog entries from spending a hectic week back home. This time, I hung out in the kitchen to relive the old days with my mother. We made Ngoh Hiang (5 spices in Teochew dialect but somewhat a feature in Peranakan households), first steamed […]


I am convinced that I should buy a pasta making machine although I rarely cook these days, but nothing taste better than freshly made pasta and it’s so much fun too. chow.com had a brilliant feature “When Pasta Met Sauce” on different types of pastas and the sauces that best match it. The best memory […]


Or so my friend Carole says. February 2, the French Catholics make crepes and flip them around with money clutched in their hands… if you miss you’ll have a poor year ahead, and if you do a good job, you’ll be rich! So.. I made a trial with a mini deformed crepe. Flipping Crepes for […]

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