While the weather was dreary and cold in the peak of summer at the end of July, the galettes and crepes were amazing as was the seafood we couldn’t get enough of. The husband organised a behind the scenes fisherman tour so we could see the boats’ daily haul coming in and how they sort […]

Mise en place for sweet crêpes. My Mexican friend Heidi has inspired me with her food styling and photography and we recently got together to make and style crepes for La Chandeleur with my new cast iron Le Creuset crepe plate – I know, how indulgent! Ingredients: 1-3/4 cups/225 g buckwheat flour (also labelled sarasin […]

Spent a great Sunday with @missnormality, her French man and mine. Weekends have actually been exceptionally enjoyable because I realised while trying to mend and strengthen what was broken, we never actually spent time in Hong Kong the last 9 months I’ve been here to properly enjoy the city as a couple, not that we […]

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The fair was interesting and a little strange—organic produce meets, MSG-filled Chinese noodles, meets instant packets of all sorts of food flavourings for specific Chinese dishes. Then there was a basket of oversized bread as large as bolsters waiting to be held, courtesy of Agrilandia, an Italian owned organic farm in the suburbs. Delicious bowl […]


Or so my friend Carole says. February 2, the French Catholics make crepes and flip them around with money clutched in their hands… if you miss you’ll have a poor year ahead, and if you do a good job, you’ll be rich! So.. I made a trial with a mini deformed crepe. Flipping Crepes for […]


The newly opened European-style Crepanini completes the Nali Patio sidewalk. I’ve been back three times now for the Bretonne sandwich. I wasn’t a fan of the savory crepes, but the dessert crepes are lovely. I recommend the nutella. Who doesn’t like nutella, anyway? Here is a little piece of Europe in the ‘jing. Crepanini Room […]