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  Here’s my piece in full length and the shortened version on Cha Gordo on the SCMP here. Chá-Gordo translates to “Fat Tea” from Portuguese and was a regular gourmand affair for big Macanese families to celebrate catholic holidays (carnevale, Easter and saints days), weddings, a baby’s Christening or birthdays. It has become a rare […]


Singapore’s strong culinary identity features many traditional recipes of the Peranakans, also known as the Straits born Chinese known for their rich Nyonya cuisine—a beautiful blend of Chinese and Malay flavours, featuring chilies, coconut milk dishes and spice in the recipes. The cuisine was never given much attention till most recently becoming a culinary trend […]

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ayam goreng fried chicken It’s difficult to say where you can get the best Nonya food outside of the Nonya household – as everyone has a Peranakan grandmother or mother that cooks the best. Foodie friends D&S took me here on my short trip back and I love that name of the restaurant to start. […]


This tiny spot in the nanluoguxiang alley is called 锣鼓洞天 which I’m not exactly sure how to translate, but the premise is that the concept revolves round the drum 鼓 and gong 锣 and the little street is a stone’s throw away from the drum and bell tower. 洞 is a figurative way of describing […]