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Many people loved this book and recommended it, but it was also interesting to see the reviews of people who disliked it and called him a narcissist – but what does one expect when they pick up a memoir? I’ve been really lucky with my team of doctors who saw me through cancer treatment, with […]


In hindsight, I am so glad we dealt with cancer privately. The people who mattered already knew, a handful disappeared altogether like it was contagious, but friends whom I consider my extended family continued to treat me the same way. That was really nice, I didn’t need to be reminded of cancer at every turn, because […]

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A short story I wrote for The Guardian‘s short short story contest. Every night, Tom lay in bed wondering if his toes spoke to each other while he was fast asleep. He listened intently to his heartbeat in sync with the rhythm of the clock by his bedside, like a puppy feeling safe by the […]