A piece I wrote for Travel2Next, exploring the history and stories behind Macanese desserts and Portuguese ones that are mainstays on the menu.

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I tagged along with Mr chef on his work trip to Bangkok so I could see my old friend Prima, ice cream designer extraordinaire. We checked out the latest design project Open House at Central Embassy, something they call a “collective living space”, which is really a lifestyle concept store meets giant bookshop with great food […]

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It’s all the rage these days. After I discovered this in Taipei a couple of months back, I found out there’s a LeTao opening at Hong Kong’s IFC and also in Singapore. Somehow, Hokkaido cheesecake is all the rage in this region. I love them all those Japanese cheese cakes and LeTao does a pretty […]

Shaved ice is all the rage these days and I may have just found my favourite spot in Hong Kong. Tucked away in a street in Causeway Bay, Shari Shari is tiny shake with snaking queues for folks waiting for a table. The machine that grates the ice is so silent, the interiors are calm […]

This café isn’t so new on the scene anymore. I think they opened last year and has a wonderfully simple menu of Italian classics. They do an excellent job with the simple classics, pizzas, pastas, risotto with set lunches from 98MOP. The space is sparse but intimate with hanging lamps and wooden tables. Here’s the […]

Dona Manuela Ferreira is one of the forerunners holding the fort for Macanese cuisine and has to her credit received lots of International press that helps spread the word and demystify Macanese cuisine, that sprung from the home kitchens of big Macanese families. Dona Manuela is the force behind Restaurante Litoral, one of my favourite Macanese restaurants […]


A group of heavyweight foodie friends from Hong Kong came to visit and wanted to eat all day for the 12 hours they were in Macau. I put together an itinerary and took them around a rented coach to stuff their faces for half a day. Because it was Chinese New Year holidays, quite a […]

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I’ve had many friends visiting Hong Kong back to back so I’ve been back at this spot a few times this year now. It’s been a great year being a good friend, seeing most of my closest friends more often than I ever did the last 7 years with everyone living all over the place. […]


Some people say it’s one of the best ramen in Hong Kong and people queue for ages just to get a seat in the tiny ramen house that seats no more than 20. I think as with many spots in Hong Kong, Daruma is over rated. The noodles were pretty good, broth rich and tasty, […]

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I had possibly the best and most memorable dinners in Hong Kong this year. Kudos to V, the captain of the foodies club who organised this private dinner. I’ve been to Makoto twice in Beijing, in hindsight, the eponymous restaurant was a failure because of poor management and nothing to do with the excellent skills […]

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